Heat Transfer Labeller

Heat transfer labelling or decorating combines the convenience of pressure sensitive labelling by changing over using a roll of labels with the high gloss, photo quality, and durable finish of offset printing.

Heat Transfer Labeller
  • Heat Transfer Labeller
Specifications Value
Maximum Dispensing Speed: 30m/min
Minimum Dispensing Speed: 5m/min
Label reel core size: 76mm inside diameter
Label reel outside diameter: 335 maximum
Label size vertical: 15mm – 215mm
Label size horizontal: 20mm – 999mm
Label gap size minimum: 2.5mm
Label stop accuracy: +/- 0.5mm (on dispensing edge)
Height adjustment side: 870mm – 1185mm
Height adjustment overhead: 900mm – 1050mm
Horizontal adjustment: 0mm – 150mm
Tilt adjustment: +/- 8 degrees
Electrical: Single Phase 220/240 Volts @ 50/60 Hz 20-40 Amps. For pre and post flaming
Air: 14 CFM compressed air @ 75-100 PSI
Gas: Constant Supply at 250 Cubic Feet/Hour of Natural Gas @ 8-13” W.C. Pressu
Operation: Qty 1 fully detailed manual plus one CD must be provided with every machine.
Manuals should include: Set up procedure, PM program, Fault identification and rectification, Wear part / spare parts list, Wiring diagrams, Services specifications electric, air, gas
Web Sizes and Copy: The web size will be no larger than 9”wide, larger web sizes can be accommodated with a larger decorating head but will need to be evaluated on case-by-case basis.
Performance: A decorating speed of 4-5PPM (based on 5 gallon pail with 180 deg. Orientation and 100% wrap)
Machine finish: The machine finish is mild steel powder coated, including frame, & electronics enclosure, transfer deck will be stainless steel.
Safety: All necessary safety features such as machinery guarding and emergency stops etc will be provided
Specifications for the HSHTD Labeling Machinery Same as above except: -
Performance: A decorating speed of 7-9 PPM (based on 5 gallon pail with 180 deg. Orientation and 100% wrap)
Specifications for the FSHTD Labeling Machines Same as above except: -
Performance: A decorating speed of 8-10 PPM (based on 5 gallon pail with flat sides) Tronics customers have found that our labeling systems provide the best solution at the best value found on the market today. Whether your application is unique or not.
  • Tronics has experience with tying these labeling systems in with other equipment upstream to form integrated turnkey systems, including in-line with injection molding equipment. Integration with injection molding machinery is a huge benefit eliminating the additional costs of having to use multiple people to decorate, handling product multiple times from the molder, to warehouse, to offset printer, and not having load and unload the offset printer with multiple people. Finally, another benefit is that there is no clean up involved when using rolls of heat transfer labels.
Heat Transfer Label Systems for A Changing Market
  • With the explosion in warehouse shopping such as SAMS Club, Home Depot, Lowes, etc… the average consumer is buying more bulk product than ever before which means that competition on the store shelf no longer applies to smaller retail container packaging only. Tronics’ heat transfer decorating (HTD) technology has helped give our customers that offer products in large containers a competitive edge with a fantastic looking product package.
Our Equipment Offerings
  • Tronics offers several standard HTD machinery configurations and specializes in heat transfer label equipment for large containers, 5 litres and larger.
  • Air, Electrical, Other Specifications for Tronics HTD Systems